Download AGS Toolkit for AGS Files in Excel

AGS Toolkit


Equips geotechnical and geoenvironmental practitioners to validate AGS files and use them in Excel

Quickly validate AGS 3.1 and AGS 4 files and convert them to the Excel format

Bentley's AGS Toolkit checks any number of AGS files at the same time, to:

  • Detect file errors
  • Find conditions that could compromise data quality
  • Find unnecessary or redundant data or missing, non critical, descriptive data
  • Display messages by severity, AGS data groups, or line number
  • Generate data statistics such as the number of records in each file, hole counts by type, total drilling length, and sample type

Each AGS group is placed in its own worksheet. This app also allows you to copy, cut, and paste directly between gINT and Excel.


  • Validate AGS 3.1 and AGS 4 files
  • Convert AGS files for use in Excel
  • Report on AGS file statistics