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Bentley Pointools PODcreator

Batch import of point-cloud data from various laser scan formats

One-time creation of point-cloud POD files for distribution and reuse across a range of Bentley Products

Bentley Pointools PODcreator is for consumers of multiple point-cloud data formats and professionals who need to convert laser scan data for use within Bentley Pointools or any MicroStation-based application. Bentley Pointools PODcreator enables one-time batch processing and conversion of a range of 3D laser scan formats to the POD file format streamlining scan-to-model workflows. Developed for the desktop, it is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


  • Batch Import point-cloud data from all major scanner manufacturers easily
  • Choose to produce a single combined or multiple POD files
  • Control import options, such as units, compression, point cloud spacing, etc.

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