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Animating with MicroStation

Authored by: Jerry Flynn

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Animating With MicroStation is a must-have software reference manual for architects, civil engineers, and industrial engineers involved in animations. Through illustrations and hands-on exercises, this book covers every aspect of animating in detail, including cameras, paths, actors, motion blurs, global and source lighting, targets, and more.
Animating With MicroStation is the follow-up to the successful Rendering With MicroStation. Written by Jerry Flynn, a leading MicroStation visualization expert, the book is a product of Flynn´s years of experience helping hundreds of firms and thousands of AEC professionals bring designs to life with the animation capabilities of MicroStation.

  • Architecture - Explore interior/exterior scenes or structural elements through motion
  • Civil Engineering - Move through realistic sites with roads, bridges, signing, lighting, and more
  • Geospatial - Use 3D data to animate realistic landscapes
This addition to the Bentley Institute´s line of AEC publications evolved from the Bentley Institute course of the same name. It covers every aspect of animating in detail, including cameras, paths, actors, motion blurs, global and source lighting, and targets. INCLUDES CD-ROM!

  • All data sets used in exercises
  • Image library containing more than 1500 textures, including patterns, objects, backgrounds, environment boxes, and more!
Architects and engineers who deal with 3D rendering and animations can use the book as a quick reference and detailed guide for efficiently applying rendering processes on both MicroStation V8 and MicroStation V8 XM Edition.

  • Environmental elements - Effectively use environment maps, sky cylinders, procedural textures, and apply photorealistic atmospheric effects such as clouds and fog to your animations.
  • Lighting - Apply different lighting techniques for rendering any interior or exterior scene, day or night, including sunset and twilight setups.
  • Materials - Achieve photorealistic results by creating custom materials, such as water, glass, trees, grass, brick, and stone.
  • Advanced rendering - Learn advanced techniques such as animating with parametrics, animation of source lighting, global lighting and materials, and the velocity graph and motion blur.
  • Network rendering - Learn how to use multiple computers on your network to render animation frames to disk. Learn about Bentley ProjectWise distributed rendering to automate the process of network rendering. How to take advantage of multi-processor and multi-core CPUs is also covered in this book.
Attend the "Animating with MicroStation" training course from the Bentley Institute and get a copy of the book for no charge. This course is taught by author Jerry Flynn and other Bentley experts.