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Stormwater Conveyance Modeling and Design

Authored by: Dr. Rocky Durrans

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A comprehensive guide for users who plan, design, and implement stormwater conveyance systems, this book contains numerous modeling exercises that can be completed with the included StormCAD, PondPack, CulvertMaster, and FlowMaster software packages.

Stormwater conveyance design and analysis requires the engineer to consider a number of system components, including open channels, inlets, roadway crossings, storm sewers, and detention facilities. Stormwater Conveyance Modeling and Design guides you through the design and analysis process using a unique approach that combines the theoretical fundamentals with practical design guidance and hydraulic modeling techniques.

From the development of design discharges and hydrographs to the analysis and design of channels, culverts, and detention facilities, Stormwater Conveyance Modeling and Design is a one-stop, comprehensive textbook for all of your stormwater needs. Topics include:

  • Types and sources of rainfall data, including Internet resources
  • Hydrologic analysis methods, such as Horton, Green-Ampt, rational, and NRCS (SCS) Curve Number
  • Hydrograph development using a unit hydrograph
  • Channel routing techniques
  • Analysis methods for closed-conduit and open-channel flow
  • Design of open channels and culverts
  • Analysis and design of storm sewers, including inlet capture and bypass, structure losses, and surcharging
  • Design of stormwater pumping facilities
  • Reservoir routing and design of stormwater detention facilities
About the Software Included Each book within the Water Modeling Collection from the Bentley Institute Press includes academic-licensed versions of the professional software covered.
  • StormCAD provides a complete solution for storm sewer design and analysis by integrating the full range of calculations for rainfall, catchments, gutters, inlets, junctions, pipelines, and outfalls.
  • FlowMaster is an indispensable, hydraulic calculator that belongs on every water engineer's desk.
  • CulvertMaster is the best tool available for solving culvert hydraulic problems.
  • PondPack provides tools to analyze, design, manage, and plan detention pond projects of any size quickly, correctly, and within budget.