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Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation Advanced


Authored by: Apurba Tribedi, Anirban Datta

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This book follows a tutorial-based approach to guide through the learning curve. It explains the basic principles of foundation engineering effectively, and yet covers the advanced functionalities of the application. "Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation Advanced" serves as a useful guide to foundation engineers to learn about the intricacies of the program and use the book for their day-to-day foundation design tasks.

Foundation design is an essential component of a structural design. However, current processes are tedious, time consuming, and prone to error because they are predominantly manual and paper-based. STAAD users traditionally relied on spreadsheets for designing foundations, which is not an efficient solution. 

STAAD Foundation radically streamlines foundation design by seamlessly integrating structural analysis output with a myriad of foundation configurations. It generates preliminary drawings and a calculation-sheet, detailing step-by-step design processes along with design clauses and equations. The program greatly enhances designers' experience through an integrated foundation project environment, including design optimization and interference check.