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Water Loss Reduction

Authored by: Dr. Joby Boxall, Dr. Sanjay Dahasahasra, Dr. Zoran Kapelan, Dr. Yehuda Kleiner, Dr. Stephen Mounce, Dr. Madhuri Mulay, David Turtle, Dr. Zheng Yi Wu, Malcolm Farley

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In today's world, water is our planet's most precious natural resource, and it must be preserved wherever it can. This book describes important advances in technology that will play an integral role in leakage management and water loss reduction strategies.

Water distribution systems around the world lose an average of 26 percent of treated water through pipe breaks and failure, poor infrastructure design, and unauthorized consumption every year. This non-revenue water translates to nearly $14 billion in lost profits. But reducing water loss is not just about increasing revenue. It is also about conserving water and energy, limiting carbon footprints, and supplying clean water to the global population.

Written by a prestigious group of water loss experts, Water Loss Reduction is a comprehensive water engineering book, covering in detail everything from the basics of water loss management to important advances in water leakage modeling and detection technology, and how utilities can deploy them to limit loss. It explains that well-developed information management, water system simulation and water modeling optimization technologies, and improved leakage control studies are valuable tools that can help water engineers effectively execute management of water.

Water Loss Reduction is a must-read for water utility managers, a wide range of engineers, including water resources, hydraulic, and environmental, as well as teachers and students of the water engineering disciplines.