Advancing Your Digital Strategy Using the 7 Questions

Advancing Your Digital Strategy Using the 7 Questions

Authored by: Iain Miskimmin


During the last 10 years of knowledge share and thought leadership, the author has brought together cross sector, industry and lifecycle organisations to exchange their collective experiences and trade advice on how to advance each other’s digital strategies. The lessons learnt during this time are presented in this book structured around a methodology called the “7 Questions”. This method is designed to help solve problems and set a course of action through a logical set of considerations.

Assisting the reader in comprehending the challenge of setting a digital strategy and improving the analysis in the implementation phase. It allows for a fast analysis and creation of an action plan.



Iain Miskimmin is an Industry Digital Advisor at Bentley Systems with over 2 decades of experience in delivering innovation and digital transformation in infrastructure construction and operations. From 2012 until recently he ran both the Crossrail Information Management Academy and the Digital Advancement Academy, promoting Bentley as the trusted advisor for both BIM and Digital transformation on a global level.

As part of the original UK’s Government BIM Task group, founder of the Infrastructure Asset Data Dictionary Group and playing an active role in many BIM/ Digital Twins initiatives around the world, Iain influences government’s, major projects, organisations and institution’s digital journeys.

He leads the industry innovations group called COMIT, who have been working towards technology driven productivity improvements since 2003.
Most recently he has been working with multiple government and private organisations through the Centre for Digital Built Britain to define Digital Twins for resilience planning and disaster recovery. This joins together both his knowledge of digital transformation and practical innovation to help ensure quick reactions and robust planning.