"Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management" Book

Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management

Authored by: Thomas Walski, Donald Chase, Dragan Savic, Walter Grayman, Stephen Beckwith, Edmundo Koelle

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This 800-page book walks the user through the water modeling process from start to finish - from data collection to practical application - and explores transient analysis, GIS technology applications, and water system vulnerability and security along the way. It provides extensive expert material from around the world.
To effectively use water distribution models, the engineer must be able to link knowledge of basic hydraulic theory and the mechanics of the program with that of the operation of real-world systems.

Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management
does just that! Written by industry experts, it provides practical resources for engineers and modelers that go well beyond being a how-to guide for typing data into a computer program. The book contains straightforward answers to common questions related both to modeling and to distribution systems in general.

Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management
walks the practicing engineer or student through the modeling process from start to finish - from data collection and field-testing to using a model for system design and complex operational tasks. Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management also explores transient analysis, GIS technology applications, and water system vulnerability and security.
The 800-page book includes extensive material from an international team of experts from both academia and consulting firms. Topics include:
  • A thorough review of water distribution theory
  • Primary sources of data for building water distribution models
  • Demand allocation and projection
  • Energy efficiency evaluation, flushing simulation, and solving operational problems, such as inadequate fire protection
  • Field testing techniques and model calibration approaches
  • Identifying and resolving potentially expensive problems, such as undersized piping, inadequate pumping, and poor water quality
  • Preparing systems for special events, such as power outages, taking tanks offline, and system contamination
Advanced Topics Featured
  • In-depth coverage of optimization techniques for model calibration, system design, and pump operations.
  • Advanced water quality modeling topics including tank mixing, water quality solution algorithms, sampling techniques, tracer studies, tank design, and maintenance of adequate disinfectant residuals.
  • Integration of SCADA systems with water distribution modeling for estimating model demands, initial conditions, and control settings; forecasting system operations; calibrating extended-period simulation models; streamlining water quality analysis; and estimating water loss during a main break.
  • The essentials of transient analysis including the causes and sources of transients, as well as the potential effects of transients on water distribution systems.
  • Application of GIS technology for skeletonization, demand allocation, and pipe break analysis; discussion of the technological issues that arise when integrating GIS and water distribution modeling; and the current state of the technology.
  • Use of models to assess water system vulnerability and security, respond to emergencies in real-time, simulate contamination events, prioritize physical security improvements, and unravel past contamination events.
About the Software Included

Each book within the Water Modeling Collection from the Bentley Institute Press includes academic-licensed versions of the professional software covered. WaterCAD is the world's leading solution for water distribution hydraulic modeling. The included CD-ROM contains problem data files in both System International and English units, WaterCAD documentation, and interactive tutorials and lessons.