Form Geometry Structure: From Nature to Design

Authored by: Daniela Bertol

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Beautifully illustrated and rigorously researched, Form Geometry Structure introduces a scientific framework for the exploration of forms in nature and design. Using GenerativeComponents to create parametric forms, it probes how the natural world can provide great inspiration to the design of the man-made world.

Form Geometry Structure is an architecture and generative design guide that introduces a scientific framework in the exploration of forms in nature and design. From their geometric definition to their structural potential, forms are created and transformed by simple computing algorithms following growth patterns found in nature. In the natural world, these geometric forms can provide great inspiration in the design of the man-made world.

Although software independent, this book presents several digital models of parametric forms built in Bentley's generative design software GenerativeComponents. While the relationship between geometry and forces in nature has been explored for millennia, contemporary computational tools bring new insights and methodologies. Form Geometry Structure is beautifully illustrated and rigorously researched and will bridge the gap between art and science, bringing to contemporary terms the tradition of the treatises on art and architecture.